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There are two easy ways to order your own Keener Wiener Rotisserie Stick... One is by following the link to the printable order form below and sending it, along with your money order, to the stated address.

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1. Keener Classic: This is the standard version of the Keener Wiener Rotisserie Stick. All the features, all the magic! For anyone who likes roasting things over the open fire...you can't beat this with a stick! -

2. Signature Series: These Keener Wiener Rotisserie Sticks are hand selected, numbered and signed by the inventor. All the features, all the magic...plus bragging rights! -

3. Keener Clubpac: Consists of ten (10) Keener Classic Rotisserie Sticks! All the features...times ten! All the magic...times ten! -