How it all Started
It was Summer Camp, my first year in Boy Scouts. There was a bonfire every night, with wieners and marshmallows for roasting. Our leaders had provided a massive pile of pre-cut cookin’ sticks, enough for the whole week!

During our first weenie roast I discovered that the stick I had selected would rotate non-stop, if I held it loose and wiggled the back end in kind of a circular manner. Eureka! I was turning perfect wieners and toasting perfect marshmallows every time!

The following night, I was disappointed to discover that the next stick I selected refused to perform to my expectations. Rushing back to the branch pile, I tried each stick till I found another one with non-stop rotation. I was now almost one whole hot dog behind everyone else and I promised myself that I would invent what came to be called “The Keener Wiener Rotisserie Stick”. The idea incubated for over 30 years and finally emerged as this unique open fire, cooking utensil.

Besides its patented non-stop rotisserie feature, it incorporates a patented reverse point, making it safer and functionally superior in many ways!

-The Wiener Man