Real Videos
In order to fully appreciate the Keener Wiener Rotisserie Stick, one has to see it in action. Check out some of the real videos below, you will need a copy of real player to view these clips. (Free download available.)

  it’s all in the wrist (28.8 / Cable): slide front handle to mid-shaft position in order to spread the load and/or get in closer to the fire.

handles together... fingertips only (28.8 / Cable): use this method for maximum reach.

the one-handed technique (28.8 / Cable): this method frees up one hand for drinks or mosquitoes... just rest stick on edge of firepit, rock or log and do the "wrist thing".

the ‘waiting for the hot dog bun’ position (28.8 / Cable): roasted wiener goes from stick to bun, safely, without stretching or straining.

rack o’ wienies (28.8 / Cable): how to load multiple wieners. (up to SIX at a time! WOW!!)

roast a rack o’ wienies (28.8 / Cable): when roasting a rack, intermittent rotation ensures even cooking.

perfect marshmallows every time (28.8 / Cable): your perfectly toasted marshmallow can be achieved simply by controlling rotation speed... for firm inside, turn very slow; for soft, turn faster.

miscellany (28.8 / Cable): foil wrap cooking, kabobs... is that a rubber fish?

DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME! (28.8 / Cable): a couple of ways to turn a couple of sticks, both at the same time. WARNING!... expert only. (Can you do 3,...4,...?)