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11. Bought two roasters (93 show) and found it's a race to get the "Keener Roaster" as opposed to a regular roasting stick. Great product. Happy roasting!
Willie Petersen, Calgary Alberta

12. My wiener tastes better on this stick!
Al Seguin

13. These sticks are wonderful for camping and canoeing!
Karyn Olsen, Red Dear

14. Have two, they are great!
S.W. Calgary

15. Bought six in 93! Works fantastic!

16. Professional results for the sophisticated cook!
Art T.

17. More thought went into this weenie roaster than the Hubble Telescope! Works great! Best investment of 93! Thanks!
Gene Johnson

18. We have found our wiener stick to be very excellent for camp cooking!
Todd and Judy Robinson

19. Got two at the last show. Enjoyed them very much!

20. I bought two of them two years ago and they are the easiest utensils around! Greatest invention!
Mike and Kathy Kraus, Calgary

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