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220. Use it every summer at our cottage in Hastings county, Ontario! Works good!
J. McRae

221. Purchased two at Spruce Meadows in Calgary in '93! Use it out camping! Works Great! Won't leave home without it!
Gord Gieck

222. Just wanted to send along my thanks to you for selling me two instead of one! Boy! Did we have fun camping this year! Continued good luck to you!
Rita Sterne, Ontario

223. I sent two Keener Wiener Roasters to my brothers in Vermont! They loved them! As it was winter, they had to christen them with marshmallows in the woodburning stove! A big success! Keep up the good work!
John McKinley

224. These little beauties are a very unusual product in that they do exactly what they are supposed to do and do it well. I have been the proud owner of several of the "Keener Wiener Sticks" over the years and the envy of all at my campsight. Congratulations on the launching of this web site! If there is an individual more deserving of praise and success than the inventor of this product, I am unaware of his existence . Mr. Green has produced a quality product that meets exactly the needs of the consumer and toiled tirelessly for many years to bring it successfully to the marketplace. Congratulations once again. It is rare to find this unique combination of a top quality product backed by the integrity of a truly unique and sincere individual.
James McConnell, Crossfield, Alberta

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