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211. As an engineer by training (though not by profession) this is clearly the most over-engineered weenie stick it has ever been my privilege to witness. Bravo on taking the tube steak to the 21st century!
Shaun Hope

212. Stopped by to mention I've enjoyed my Keener Wiener Stick for the past five years. Great fun at our open fire roasting parties!
Ron Black, Edmonton Alberta

213. I'm impressed! You actually left Vicky Gabereau Speechless!
G.M., Edmonton, AB

214. Without a doubt, the best wiener roaster I've ever owned! Once you've tried one, you'll never own anything else.
Brett Wood, Edmonton, AB

215. We have several Keener Wiener Roasters! They are so great for campfire or fireplace! Great for marshmallows!
P. McMillan

216. Here I am buying two more Keener Wiener Sticks because the kids always have the other two!
Tim P. Crosland

217. I bought mine two and a half years ago and it was a very worthwhile investment! I no longer have to worry about my kids poking their eyes with coat hangers! Thanks!

218. I bought two Keener Wiener Roasters last fall and we've never used anything else since! Great conversation piece.
Barb Gordon

219. Since I purchased my Keener Wiener Stick in Edmonton about four years ago, we have enjoyed showing it off to friends!
Bill Holbrook, Toronto, Ontario

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