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91. Great sticks. Very useful!

92. Had some for years. They are great!

93. This wiener stick could bring about world peace! We could all sit around a large fire and twist together! Love it!
Jennifer Almond

94. We bought four a year ago. We use them most weekends in the summer. They are wonderful! Best regards!
Larry and Ruth Birchall

95. Bought one last year. It's great (honest)!
Kent M. Therese

96. We bought two last year and the kids haven't lost their weenies in the fire since!
Dave and Pat Miller

97. I've had this roaster stick for three seasons. Just love it!
Gus A.

98. The wiener roaster is great! It takes all the risk out of roasting. A must for camping!

99. Well really enjoy ours! Bravo!

100. Have had two since 1991! Great item!
Karen Legault, Turner Valley Alberta

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