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101. We bought four roasters for our family last year and have had many great evenings using them!
D.Worton, Calgary

102. He's a genius! Bought two, two years ago-found the keener again at last and got four more!!
Linda Fourchalk, Calgary

103. Got them last year, they just work great. We couldn't live without them for our roasts!
A. Lupul

104. Bought one last stampede and it's great, the talk of the campfire! Great idea!
Debbie Lee, Calgary

105. Boy, we sure enjoy ours but everybody wants to borrow them!
ben and Kellar Lear

106. We bought two last year, and have them in the cabin. They are the best. Just bought five more!
Iona and Ted Degner, St.Albert Alberta

107. We have four and use them year round in our backyard fire pit. They make the best marshmallows ever (they get all puffy and gooey!!). They are really terrific!
Pam and Doug Martineau, Calgary

108. They are great, fantastic! We have a lot of fun with them!
Sue Nelson, Calgary

109. This is a great weenie cooker!
Mark Deering, Calgary

110. Just great-fantastic and a lot of fun!
John C. Lethbridge

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