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81. A good invention. Really easy for the kids to roast their own marshmallows and hot dogs!
Anne Ryan

82. Used July Reindeer Lake. Excellent, easy to carry. light weight!

83. These are the best (wonderful)!

84. We bought six sticks! We gave them as presents and use them all the time. They are great!
J.G. and Family

85. The Keener Wiener Stick has been a delight and favorite at our regular roasts in the past year! What a great idea! Thanks a lot!
Richard Bates

86. My kids love them. Roasting has never been the same. Recommend them to anyone!
Bren Enns

87. One of the greater inventions for campfire munchies. Wouldn't go without them again. I have two!
Glen W. Forbes, Edmonton Alberta

88. Greatest, grooviest gadget around!
J. MacDonald, Edmonton

89. Great for toast-one peice or two-try it!
Anne Kusiak

90. Bloody brilliant!
J.M. Tidol P.Eng

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