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111. I've had my wiener stick for about two years. It's been on many a camping expedition! It's wonderful!! Happy roasting!
Arlena, Calgary

112. Make great hot dogs. The best invention!

113. Great things!

114. It is neither new in a more complicated way, nor is it more complicated in a new way, it is simply pure elegant genius!
Jim McDonald, Vancouver B.C

115. I had the pleasure of meeting you four years ago and knew at that time you had what it takes to carry on to be the success you have become. Great idea! Lots of fun watching you work your presentation and observing the joy you bring to so many!
Kathy Linton, Inventors New Products Store

116. What a great idea. They work perfectly!
Les Bell

117. My husband and I bought two a few years ago and they are the rave of all who have seen them and we tell people where to buy them!
Victoria Hertz

118. They are great sticks! We've had ours for a few years and we've hardly had a burnt hot dog since!
Sandy Ogrodnick

119. Works well!
Paul Setousnen

120. We've had many wonderful wiener roasts. Thanks. Best of luck in the years to come!
L. Froehler, Camrose

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