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121. Greatest stick since the first rain. Really like it!
Larry Kozak

122. The best invention since the invention of the tube steak-great for kids!
Neil Hays

123. I have used one for years and it works great!
Bob Sylvester

124. Bought mine four years ago and use them all the time. Excellent purchase!
Darwin Bailey, Bruderheim Alberta

125. Great fun!
Andy S.

126. These are wonderful! So handy!
F.A. Ruggles

127. We have a blast with our two kids going on a wiener roast with our Keener Wiener roaster!
Diane Middleton

128. We carry ours in the van all the time. By far the safest at the fire. I appreciate the Keener enormously!
Gord Daniker

129. This is an absolutely great little Keener Wiener. We use it for camping all the time. Thanks!
Karie Hryhorak

130. Great invention! Works great. A conversation peice!
Ann Berg

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