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131. We purchased one several years ago-it's great. You never lose the hot dog. Today we are buying another for a gift!
B. Briggs

132. Our school used two of your roasting sticks to feed 42 students on a feild trip. They loved using the new roasting sticks, they were teenagers and are usually apprehensive but they all waited to use the wiener sticks. Our school has torture tested two sticks and they worked excellent!
Jim Margetts, Winterburn Alberta

133. We bought three a few years ago and have had wonderful campfires and wiener/marshmallow roasts. Because of the safety of the Keener Wiener Roaster, we never worry about our children burning themselves or others. There are no sharp points either!
Joan Nolk, Edmonton Alberta

134. I was pleasently surprised by the ingenuity and simplicity of the design and it does answer the age-old question of the innacurate and destructive cooking process of the wiener! A great addition to serious culinary utensils! Bravo!
Paul Gary, Industrial designer

135. They are the greatest. They cook the best and are a real conversation piece. We have given them away for gifts also. Thanks. Keep up the great work!
Linda and Andy Hearn

136. We bought a Keener Wiener Roaster for my father-in-law to use on one of our many camping trips. Boys being boys, they had to BOTH use the wiener roaster...two weeks later we were back buying my husband his OWN Keener Wiener Roaster! The boys insist they are the best wiener roasters ever! Thanks!
J. and J. Paulson

137. the two units I purchased for friends at Christmas 96 were the absolute best. They are not only a summer time tool, for they were used at -30 on a winter camping trip. Keep up the great work. Thanks!
Jim Murphy

138. A great gift for anyone who camps or has just a wiener roast!
Joyce Protz, Regina

139. I've roasted hot dogs for years. With four children I've done my fair share. Tears from burnt and lost wieners are no longer. I have Keener Wieners, and guess what? It's the kids who now want to roast thier own. They are a fantastic invention. Thank you!
Linnell Thompson, Edmonton Alberta

140. We love our Keener Wiener Sticks and use them all the time!
I. Himmersgiel

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