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141. We love our Keener Wiener. We take it camping all the time, it stores easy, you can even store it on a tree!
Dan and Denise Wright, Calgary Alberta

142. The Keener Wiener is great!! It works just like you said it would. Bought some for the whole family two years ago. Thanks!
Shirley Davis

143. Looks and feels like a great invention!
R. Willis

144. Works like a charm!
Willy Lundquist

145. Works awesome!

146. We got some about three years ago. They are great and well used!
A. Lupul

147. Terrific idea! The kids fight to use it!
Donna and Gord Leeson, Didsbury Alberta

148. Excellent wiener stick, this is number three!
Cerinna Werth, Calgary Alberta

149. Went to Sturgis 96. Used it as a major cooking utensil. Even cooked steaks. Great!
Terry Percheson

150. Works great. Everyone should have one!

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