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151. Works great. Can't go wrong. Marshmallows don't fall off!

152. This is a MUST HAVE for anyone out camping! This works like a charm and cleans up well!
Phil Markowich

153. This truly is the BEST! What a great idea!
Terry Van de Geer

154. Have used the Keener Wiener for five years now and continue to enjoy using it!
John Pederson

155. We like the Keener Wiener Roaster. Have used it many times-works every time!
The Gardiners

156. Works great, had two for five years and even cook small pieces of chicken. A must!
Rick Koopmans

157. We love these wiener sticks. Our company are always fighting over who will get to use them first. We roast hot dogs, sausage, and marshmallows are great too!
Y. Foster, Sherwood Park Alberta

158. We bought our first Keener Wiener roaster three years ago and just love it. It's still like brand new, even the kids can use it safely!
Michelle and Brian Howie

159. I'm having a time dealing with the disapperance of our Keener Wiener Stick. At least I can still borrow the one I bought for my brother (I have suspicions that my father- in-law took mine!).
Jay Gurnett

160. I love hot dogs!

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