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161. Since we purchased our sticks, the kids can cook their own and not have a lost hot dog in the fire and burnt fingers. The best thing since sliced bread!
Lori Mahowich

162. We recieved our Keener Wiener Roaster as a Christmas gift in 1993. It is wonderful! It's fun, and we enjoy it, and our children really like it too!
Karen Grant

163. I enjoy the simple yet unique idea. Truly the right thing to do!

164. One of the best wiener sticks ever. Awsome! Happy camping!
John Frick, Barrhead Alberta

165. Only thing that makes me eat wieners!
Ray Lewis, Airdrie Alberta

166. You may have saved my relationship with my father; we can't communicate that well, but now we will be able to spend quality time together around the campfire. Eternally grateful!
Theresa Hamel

167. Since buying my sticks in 95 our roasting has been a fantastic experience with Mr. Green's invention!

168. Best camping utensil ever picked up. Bought it at trade show three years ago and still holding up great!
Shane Macphail

169. Finally, a wiener stick that works! We have used ours many times. Thanks for inventing these!

170. We are original Keener Wiener owners! We love them-can't be without it! We show this wonderful invention to our friends!
Caren Brookes

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