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171. I bought a stick for my brother-in-law and he is now the envy of all of his camping buddies! He loves it and can cook anything on it. Thanks!

172. We recieved our Keener Wiener Roaster as a Christmas gift in 1993. It is wonderful! It's fun, and we enjoy it, and our children really like it too!
Karen Grant

173. I bought two for myself and they work great! I ended up buying more for Fathers Day and we have got a lot of use out of them. Thanks!

174. I bought one three years ago. I keep it in a special case and impress all my friends with it. Everyone is jealous!
Glen F. Bawlf Alberta

175. A great tool, many uses still to be discovered!! Good luck Ron!

176. The greatest wiener stick on the market. Makes perfect wieners and marshmallows!
Orest Stchniak

177. My family has been using the Keener Wiener Roaster since we bought it three years ago. We enjoy it and had several fun times with it. I recommend it!
Noni Smolik and family

178. Bought six sticks in the fall of 1992. The best purchase of a quality item I've had the pleasure of using since that time. They are still turning and not broken. Thanks!
Nora E. Kerr

179. We've bought these sticks five years ago and think they are wonderful. Have bought more since and given them as gifts!
John and Carmen Broda

180. Wiener roasting has never been easier or more exciting since we purchased the wiener roaster four years ago. Our friends love them as well. What a neat idea!
Herman and Normay Wiebe

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