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181. An excellent product, continuous use at out paintball field for four years and they are still going strong. Well made and durable!
Quest for Adventure

182. Best unit I have found for camping. Does more than just hot dogs. Use your imagination, it is unlimited!

183. Works great-no burnt wieners on the ends. So simple to use. Light weight!
The Morgans

184. Enjoying our Keener Wiener at our cabin-Great conversation!
Otto Gloecklen

185. I love my Keener Wiener Roaster-I feel like a true gourmet chef when I use it. I think eveyone should buy one!
Joan Ashmont, Edmonton

186. Purchased Keener Wiener Roaster in 1993 at a trade show in Craven Sask. and have used them ever since. Love them. Can't camp without them. Best of luck!
Roy and Bonnie M. Edmonton Alberta

187. I've had my sticks for three years and they work as great as the first day! No other system compares!
John Acevedo, St. Albert

188. Hot Doggin' It!!! We absolutely love our Keener Wieners-best thing going! Everyone should have one! Maybe two! Or better yet three! All the best!
Dawn, Robert and Kayla Saunders

189. Best little sticks ever. My kids just love them!
Larry Bronton, Leduc Alberta

190. You can't find a better wiener stick anywhere!
Randy Rhoades, Ft Saskatchewan

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