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191. Had mine for four years, haven't burnt a marshmallow since I got mine. Fabulous idea!
Kiwi Wilkins, St. Albert Alberta

192. No more burnt hot dogs. Toasty evenly done marshmallows done to perfection. If you like your food done to perfection, but still like the fun of cooking it yourself, I recommend the Keener Wiener Roaster!
Leonard Watkins, St. Albert Alberta

193. We purchased our sticks in 1992. We use them often and find them simple to use. It beats any product of its kind. Thanks!
Hal and Paula Todd, Edmonton Alberta

194. I'll tell you what, this is the greatest gadget!! Not sure how I roasted wieners before I became the owner of a Keener Wiener Roaster. Absolutely fantastic!
Noelle Misko, Edmonton Alberta

195. This is the greatest wiener stick in the world. Plus you get to tease your friends who can't work it. I love mine and I can work it. Thanks!
Carol Moir, Edmonton Alberta

196. We've had one for a few years and we're the envy of all other campers!

197. Our stick gets lots of use, it even travels in our motorhome and works so well. Hundreds of well done hot dogs ect.!
Irene Richards

198. Your stick brings out the kid in all age groups-whether hiking or biking on trails, we couldn't wait to get back to the campfire to share the novel smokie stick!
Rae McClure, Forestburg Alberta

199. The best thing since sliced bread (and it will toast that too). They have been the topic of many a fireside discussion. Thanks!
Debra Martin, Sherwood Park Alberta

200. Very nice product. Enjoy using your wiener roaster while camping. All the best!
Erika Redschlag, Edmonton Alberta

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