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201. As inventions go, ranks right up there with the integrated circut and indoor plumbing!
Colin Anderson, Edmonton Alberta

202. We owned eight of these. Before the Keener Wiener, I fought to cook the perfect wiener. Now it is done perfect every time. All the best in 1998 and the many years to come. Thanks!
Rik and Debbie Nielsen

203. The Keener Wiener is truly a miracle of modern science!! I have instant respect at any outdoor fire!!
Tim Vandenbrink

204. It's been four years. Could we camp without them? No way! We sure enjoy your wiener stick!
Craige and Jodi Dore

205. Very Good! Every one in our RV club laughed until they saw I wasn't losing my food in the fire as they were. Very pleased with mine!
Irene Muler

206. We love it-we've even got three generations using it! It's quite the conversation piece, and has even travelled to the Yukon!
Michelle and Ray Suttie

207. I take my wiener roaster everywhere I go and never have a wiener end up in the fire. It's great for camping with children, no one has to wait!
Arlie Straughan

208. Ours has been on many canoe trips-and is always great for starting conversations!
Ron and Evelyn Oke, Wyoming Ontario

209. We are really enjoying turning the stick while the loons are calling and the moose are eating in the lake at the Yukon. Thanks!
Louise and Joe Volf

210. I bought a Keener Wiener Roaster for Christmas and it was the biggest hit of the season. We used it Christmas Day for wiener appetizers and Boxing Day for buffalo sausage. Doing the demo was the most fun!
Susan Fox

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