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71. It made camping so much fun and easy (no roughing it)! Terrific invention!
Lynette Linkletter

72. People like them so much they try to steal them!

73. Fantastic! A must for any campsite!
Tom Fitzgerald, Elmo Montana

74. A total must for any bush party! Hot! Hot! Hot!
The Digger Posse

75. Received two at Christmas time for a gift. Excellent wiener roaster!

76. Good control over cooking!
Murry B.

77. Our children use them at the lake. They are very safe and do a wonderful job. Fun to use!
Laurence Nutting and Family

78. These magnificent things made cooking over the fire safe and fun! It's a really neat and cool idea. Thanks!
Natalie Oullette

79. These things are the best!
Clare and Jules

80. They work real great and are used a lot!
The Palamarek Family

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